The Insiders Street Team

A street team is a group of fans that band together to support an author and his or her books. Street teams are powerful marketing tools because they tap into an established group of fans and put them to work promoting an author by word of mouth marketing.

Team members share tweets, blog posts, and Facebook posts about the author and the books. They may write reviews of the books on Amazon or on their own blog. In exchange, they become part of a community and get occasional freebies–such as free paperback or ebook copies of books, bookmarks, advance looks at book cover designs. They get to participate in contests and join a Facebook group where they can interact with each other and the author. They may get to become beta-readers, which means they can read an advance copy of a book.

If your would like to join my new street team called ‘The Insiders Street Team’, please contact me either through my blog contact form or on Facebook instant messaging. I would love to hear from fans.


3 thoughts on “The Insiders Street Team”

  1. Gabrielle said:

    I would love to join the insiders street team I love love reading reading is my lifeit would be a honor to join the street team


  2. Eve Anderson said:

    Want to be subscribe in your blog & page. But I didn’t find where. Help?😯


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