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IN THE SHADOWS (Book One in The Outsiders Series) was released on October 30, 2013. It’s available in paperback and Kindle format on, and it’s available in paperback on Barnes and
In The Shadows Poster Dave Martin is a former cop from Chicago, who travels to Reynier, France, a small village riddled with caves and troglodyte cave dwellings. There, he meets a mysterious young woman who is desperate to hide a secret, but the detective in Dave can’t stop trying to figure out what’s going on.

WHERE SECRETS RESIDE (Book Two in The Outsiders Series) was released on March 26, 2014.
Final Front Cover DIGITAL After one of the locals makes a startling discovery, the residents of the peaceful, close-knit village of Reynier, France, find themselves victimized by a serial killer, a puzzling criminal whose actions force them to look at themselves and each other in a new light. Is the killer an outsider, or one of their own? Who will be the next victim?

WINTER TEARS (Book Three in The Outsiders Series and Book Two in The Project Chameleon Suspense/Mainstream Series) was released on June 16, 2015.
Winter Tears Front Cover Digital Mystery in a French village . . .

Gendarme captain Pascal Goddard looks forward to taking a break from work to focus his attention on his wife Chantal and the birth of their first child. Two weeks before their baby’s due date, a couple who recently moved into a troglo in the nearby village of Reynier, France, report their baby missing. When Chantal finds out, worried for the safety of their unborn baby and for the missing baby, she begs her husband to find the child. Hours later, the unexpected happens to Chantal.

Torn between sitting at Chantal’s bedside and praying for a miracle or doing his job and fulfilling what may be her last wish, Goddard must decide soon; the missing baby, if abandoned out on the snowy hillside or left in Reynier’s labyrinthine cave system, won’t survive for long.

He brings in the Gendarmerie’s canine unit and personally interviews the short list of suspects, including the baby’s parents and her five-year-old brother. With few leads, and severe weather threatening to impede the investigation, Goddard is anxious. And then, three more people—including the baby’s brother whom Goddard has become fond of—disappear. Now Goddard puts his own life in danger to find them all.

The Handyman (Book One in The Chambre Noir Cozy Mystery Series) was released on November 26, 2015.
The Handyman Cover Twenty-six-year-old Joshua Clayton is on a lavish vacation in Paris with his parents, his gorgeous fiancé and her parents. He soon discovers a terrible betrayal, driving him to leave. Putting distance from them while he sorts through his emotions, he accepts a temporary job as handyman for an elderly woman, Paulette Lapierre, in a small French village.

Unfortunately, Paulette doesn’t tell him until he arrives that she’s dying and has hired him because she also needs a strong and reliable caregiver. Though he’s not happy being misled, he’s not ready to go home and deal with his troubles, and reluctantly agrees to do double duty—as caregiver and handyman—and stay with her until the end.

The job isn’t easy, there are age-and-cultural differences, and Paulette lives far outside town in a hilltop troglo cave home. But an unexpected friendship develops with the free-spirited retired dancer, and eventually new romance with a young semi-reclusive baker, Isabelle Bernot.

Only, as Josh gets to know Paulette better, he discovers she has secrets she’d hoped to take to her grave. As those secrets surface the three of them are inexorably drawn into an investigation that changes everything and everyone.

LIARS’ GAMES (Book One of The Project Chameleon Suspense/Mainstream Series) was released on July 8, 2014.
Front Cover DIGITAL A genius college professor who hates lying is stuck in witness protection, along with her three-year-old son. Through a political maneuver, she ends up working as a principal at a high school full of gangs, drug dealers, and disgruntled employees. She’s in over her head and terrified, especially when she finds out a stranger is watching her and her son, but her handler can’t or won’t move her. She must figure out how to survive in a world where everyone seems out to get her. It’s a book that on the surface deals with school violence and fear, but at the heart of it is a woman’s struggle with lying and deception, trust, self-identity, and what at times feels like the moral decline of society.

THE SECRET TOWN (Book Three of The Project Chameleon Suspense/Mainstream Series)

This is a book in progress.


INHERIT THE PAST (Book One in the Bavarian Woods Series) was released on November 8, 2014.
Front Cover Digital When laid-off California architect, Max Hollander, inherits his grandparents’ house in Bavaria, it seems like the perfect opportunity to start over. If all goes well, he’ll sell it and make enough money to tide him over. More importantly, he hopes taking his antagonistic son Ryan on the trip will help rebuild their trust in each other and maybe even give them a chance to investigate a longstanding mystery that has haunted their family.

Twenty years ago while Max’s mother was staying at her parents’ house in Riesen, Germany, she and her father disappeared, never to be heard from again. Now, as they search unsuccessfully for that same house, Max and Ryan become lost until they serendipitously meet three Germans who help them find it. But their luck is short-lived: before day’s end they will get swept back in time . . . with no way to return to the present.

Realizing the same thing may have happened to his missing relatives, Max and companions set out to find them. Their quest soon embroils the hapless group in a murder investigation that widens the rift between father and son and places both lives in danger.

Inherit the Past is a story of family, love/relationships, guilt, and redemption.

TANGLEWOOD GROTTO (Book Two in the Bavarian Woods Series)

This is a book in progress. It should be available around the end of August or early September.

9 thoughts on “Susan’s Novels”

  1. Busy, busy, busy Susan. Good luck with all these and I hope you get a publisher for Chameleon soon. It is a slog when all you want to do is write and share it with like-minded folk…I’m sure you will prevail.

  2. Susan Finlay said:

    Thanks! I hope so.

  3. All those titles in progress! How do you find the time to write and help everyone with theirs? Like Jane, I wish you every success finding a publisher for Chameleon very soon. Keep at it girl!!

  4. Lots of books in progress – spread yourself too thin – nothing gets finished! Choose one and go for it x

  5. The Unsinkable Molly Brown also lived in Hannibal for a short time as a young girl. Her house is still there and was pointed out to us just up the street and off to the left.

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