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Today, Liars’ Games is on special promo for #FREE in Kindle format on all Amazon websites around the world. Please download a copy and tell your friends. Some authors complain and say that authors should never give their books away. I don’t feel that way. Everyone likes to get a bargain sometimes. And people are more willing to take a chance on an author they don’t know if they can try one of their books for free.

I’m especially interested in getting readers for this series because I’ll soon be working on a sequel to it called The Secret Town, which is a suspense/thriller with some anti-establishment themes and possibly some gold-mining history.

So, what’s Liars’ Games about?

Juliet Powell, a former child-prodigy and math professor, wants her old life back—the life where she was in love and happy, the life where she was safe and sheltered, the life where she was well-respected and admired. What she has, instead, is a life in hiding and only partially protected under the witness protection program. She tells herself she will eventually adapt to her new life, but with each new identity comes more stories and more chances of getting them entangled. She’s getting further and further away from who she really is.

When she blows her cover yet again, her handler warns her this is her last chance. She needs to blend in like a chameleon and play the game, but how can someone who has always believed in honesty suddenly become a convincing liar?

Compounding her problem with this new move, a political maneuver not of her choice and not within the usual rules of witness protection, ensconces her in the role of principal at a Denver high school full of gangs, drug dealers, and disgruntled employees. And then, when she discovers that a stranger is watching her and her young son, and her handler can’t or won’t move her, she must decide whether to run away and take her chances, or stay and fight to make the school safer.

It’s a book that on the surface deals with school violence and fear, but at the heart of it is a woman’s struggle with lying and deception, trust, self-identity, and the moral decline of society.

This book’s unofficial sequel is Winter Tears, the third book in the Outsider’s Mystery series. It’s a cross-over book that briefly connects the two series.

Praise for Liars’ Games—

‘Not so much a mystery, nor truly a thriller, though it had some thrilling moments. Like all the best books, this one does not fit neatly into a genre. The background was a school – a school with problems of drugs, of gang violence, and teachers who had given up any attempt to fight the problems. The background drama was absorbing, and so was the human drama – Claire (once Juliet) trying to live under a Witness Protection progamme with a handler both indifferent and incompetent. This story keeps the reader fully involved. This is a 5-star novel.’

‘This is a fast moving mystery that you will not want to put down. It is one of the best that I have read in the past several years. It is well crafted and kept my interest right to the end. I didn’t want it to end and would certainly purchase a sequel. It covers an area we hear about on the news, our public schools. I highly recommend this mystery.’

‘Author, Susan Finlay never disappoints me with her ability to characterize the players in her novels. This is a new series she has begun that is a bit different in genres than what I have read of her work before. I loved this story. I was able to get close to the heroic lives she depicts in the people in her fictional family. It’s easy to think of them as real. There is a good amount of suspense in Liars Games. The story moves fast and keeps you on your toes, unless you are settled in your comfortable chair, that is. Even snuggled in bed reading, you will find there is plenty to keep you awake into the night. That’s what it did for me. I felt the end left me a welcome sense of awareness that there is more to come in the adventurous lives of the characters. I am betting you will enjoy this novel. If you have not read any of Susan’s other series novels, that might be the way to go whilst waiting for the next book in the Chameleon Series. A great name for the storyline.’

‘I enjoyed reading Liars’ Games from the first paragraph to the last page. It is the first book in a new mystery series ‘Project Chameleon’. I cannot wait to read the sequel. If you enjoy mystery books mixed with a dose of love and the Witness Protection Program then this book is for you.’

‘Being tossed into a school job as part of a witness protection program isn’t the best place to hide a past. A slip and the rumor mill could end up in the ear of the mob. Well written and easy reading with a constant tension.’