Well, it’s about two weeks since my last book update. A lot has happened with my books since then.

First, my editor is half way done with the edits for Tanglewood Grotto, the second book in my Bavarian Woods Mystery Series. I haven’t seen the edits yet, but have heard that all is going well. I’m working on the book description/blurb for it. In a couple of weeks I’ll ask the book cover designer, Ken Dawson, to do his magic. It now looks like the publication date may move up slightly–instead of September or October, I’m thinking it might be late-August. We’ll see.

I now have five chapters written for the fourth book in my Outsiders Mystery Series. This book is titled The Forgotten Tomb and I’m really excited about it. The protagonist is one of the grandmothers, Fabienne Laurent. This book, I think, has the potential to be one of my best. I especially like that it deals much more with the cave system, troglos, and the history of the tiny village of Reynier, France.

Another book I’m working on also has five chapters written, but I’ve set it aside for the moment. It’s tentatively titled The High Road to Hell. Originally, I planned the book to be a stand-alone time travel mystery. I was also planning another stand-alone time travel mystery. Each book takes one female back in time to the Gold Rush Days.

The reasons I’m concentrating more on the Outsiders book at the moment are:

1) I’m already familiar with the characters and setting of my Outsiders series, so I can write that book quickly and get it out there for fans of the series who are waiting for the next book.
2) I have more research to do for the Gold Rush related books, because I want the books to be realistic and as accurate as I can make them.
3) As I get further into The High Road to Hell, I’m considering the possibility of making the two Gold Rush books part of a new series (possibly called the High Hills Gold Mystery Series). While the females who time travel are very different from each other and are not related, the sheriff and other characters could be the same in both books. Much depends on how the first book will play out.
4) If I do make those two books part of the same series, I will probably want to go back to the scene where the protagonist time travels and change it. My plan for how the protagonist in the second book time travels is different and possibly better. I figure if they are part of the same series, the method of time travel should be the same.

I hope this update gives you some insight into how writers think and plan their books.