I’ve decided to ring in the new year with a big sale! Starting at midnight tonight, half of my books will be on special. I hope you’ll get them all and check out my other books, too. Tell your friends! Oh, and tomorrow I will be featured on another blog. Author Teresa Geering will be interviewing me. It’s my first interview in probably a year or more. Thank you, Teresa!

So, about the sale that starts at midnight tonight:
My brand new book, The Handyman, will be 99 cents for one week only on some Amazon websites. I wish it could be on special on all of their websites, but they don’t allow that in the ‘Select’ program. About the book: Twenty-six-year-old Joshua Clayton is on a lavish vacation in Paris with his parents, his gorgeous fiancé and her parents. He soon discovers a terrible betrayal, driving him to leave. Putting distance from them while he sorts through his emotions, he accepts a temporary job as handyman for an elderly woman, Paulette Lapierre, in a small French village.

Unfortunately, Paulette doesn’t tell him until he arrives that she’s dying and has hired him because she also needs a strong and reliable caregiver. Though he’s not happy being misled, he’s not ready to go home and deal with his troubles, and reluctantly agrees to do double duty—as caregiver and handyman—and stay with her until the end.

The job isn’t easy, there are age-and-cultural differences, and Paulette lives far outside town in a hilltop troglo cave home. But an unexpected friendship develops with the free-spirited retired dancer, and eventually new romance with a young semi-reclusive baker, Isabelle Bernot.

Only, as Josh gets to know Paulette better, he discovers she has secrets she’d hoped to take to her grave. As those secrets surface the three of them are inexorably drawn into an investigation that changes everything and everyone. http://www.amazon.com/Handyman-Chambre-Noir-Book-ebook/dp/B018LHF0BW/ref=sr_1_2_twi_kin_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1452183625&sr=8-2&keywords=susan+finlay

The second book in my Outsiders Mystery series, Where Secrets Reside, will also be 99 cents for one week only. I wish it could be on special on all of their websites, but they don’t allow that in the ‘Select’ program. About the book: In Reynier, France, a sleepy hillside village peppered with ancient picturesque troglodyte cave dwellings, the locals value their privacy and their quiet life. Few tourists know it exits, which suits the locals just fine.

One day, after a torrential storm, a townswoman happens across a terrified soaked toddler sitting alone in the woods. She brings the toddler into town, but no one recognizes the child. Suspecting the child’s parents—rare tourists perhaps—must be lost or in trouble nearby, the locals organize a search party to find them. Their search leads instead to the discovery of a murder victim, another stranger, in one of the caves. As the investigation gets underway, the situation heats up. The residents of this once peaceful close-knit village find themselves terrorized by a possible serial killer. Facing their own mortality, they wonder whether the killer is an outsider, or one of their own? And who will be the next victim?

Captain Pascal Goddard of the local Gendarmerie has his hands full; he must solve the biggest murder case the region has ever seen. The residents will not let him rest until he uncovers the killer’s identity, putting a stop to the killing so a frantic village can return to normal. But as the list of suspects grows, some begin to worry that past history will paint them as guilty even if they are not; at least not of murder. http://www.amazon.com/Where-Secrets-Reside-Outsiders-Book-ebook/dp/B00J9G5KXS/ref=sr_1_6_twi_kin_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1452183625&sr=8-6&keywords=susan+finlay

Lastly, my suspense novel, Liars’ Games, will be free for five days only on all Amazon websites. About the book: Juliet Powell, a former child-prodigy and math professor, wants her old life back—the life where she was in love and happy, the life where she was safe and sheltered, the life where she was well-respected and admired. What she has, instead, is a life in hiding and only partially protected under the witness protection program. She tells herself she will eventually adapt to her new life, but with each new identity comes more stories and more chances of getting them entangled. She’s getting further and further away from who she really is.

When she blows her cover yet again, her handler warns her this is her last chance. She needs to blend in like a chameleon and play the game, but how can someone who has always believed in honesty suddenly become a convincing liar?

Compounding her problem with this new move, a political maneuver not of her choice and not within the usual rules of witness protection, ensconces her in the role of principal at a Denver high school full of gangs, drug dealers, and disgruntled employees. And then, when she discovers that a stranger is watching her and her young son, and her handler can’t or won’t move her, she must decide whether to run away and take her chances, or stay and fight to make the school safer.

It’s a book that on the surface deals with school violence and fear, but at the heart of it is a woman’s struggle with lying and deception, trust, self-identity, and the moral decline of society.

This book’s unofficial sequel is Winter Tears, the third book in the Outsider’s Mystery series. It’s a cross-over book that briefly connects the two series. http://www.amazon.com/Liars-Games-Project-Chameleon-Book-ebook/dp/B00LMB8ENQ/ref=sr_1_5_twi_kin_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1452183625&sr=8-5&keywords=susan+finlay