First of all, my heart and prayers go out to all the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. It’s hard to imagine the pain and suffering going on there. I’ve never been to France, but I’ve done a lot of research about the country because four of my six novels are set in France. It’s a beautiful country with wonderful people.

It feels a bit strange offering Winter Tears free today, so soon after those attacks, but I’d already scheduled the promo a week ahead of time and it was too late to postpone it.

Anyway, Winter Tears is available for free Kindle download or free Kindle app download to your computer.

Winter Tears Front Cover Digital

Here’s what the book is about:

Mystery in a French village . . .

Gendarme captain Pascal Goddard looks forward to taking a break from work to focus his attention on his wife Chantal and the birth of their first child. Two weeks before their baby’s due date, a couple who recently moved into a troglo in the nearby village of Reynier, France, report their baby missing. When Chantal finds out, worried for the safety of their unborn baby and for the missing baby, she begs her husband to find the child. Hours later, the unexpected happens to Chantal.

Torn between sitting at Chantal’s bedside and praying for a miracle or doing his job and fulfilling what may be her last wish, Goddard must decide soon; the missing baby, if abandoned out on the snowy hillside or left in Reynier’s labyrinthine cave system, won’t survive for long.

He brings in the Gendarmerie’s canine unit and personally interviews the short list of suspects, including the baby’s parents and her five-year-old brother. With few leads, and severe weather threatening to impede the investigation, Goddard is anxious. And then, three more people—including the baby’s brother whom Goddard has become fond of—disappear. Now Goddard puts his own life in danger to find them all.

Winter Tears is the third book in the Outsiders series. It has only been out for a few months and has six 5-star reviews. I hope you’ll get your copy. Enjoy!