I hope to make ‘Book Deals of the Week’ a new series on this blog. I’ll try to post one of these a week, highlighting one or more books that are on free or reduced price promotion.

Tom Winton is running a 99c/99p Countdown Sale for Four Days With Hemingway’s Ghost. With 330 terrific reviews, folks seem to really like it.

Tom Winton

About the book:
After big-time Hemingway fan Jack Phelan falls into a coma following an accident, he somehow finds himself in Key West, Florida, literally rubbing shoulders with his longtime hero.

The legendary author has been sent down by “The Main Man in the clouds” to see if Jack has what it takes to write a book for Him. And though Hemingway knows that his findings may very well determine whether Jack lives or dies, he doesn’t have a clue that the book is going to be about him.

Over the next four days, Jack and Hem not only knock around Key West but they also travel to some more of the legendary author’s old haunts. Together the two meet up with many of Hemingway’s long gone friends and have some rollicking good times. But during their journey they are also forced to go nose to nose with some things that are not at all fun and games. They both face highly-emotional tests of strength as well. But wait. That’s not all. After their time together ends is when things really get out of hand.

An Excerpt:
“As we walked on in silence, I thought about the man alongside me. Although I had just hooked up with him the day before, I’d not only witnessed some of his emotional displays, but I’d felt them as well.

To say I was surprised by his heartfelt actions would be a huge understatement. After all, Ernest Hemingway—the man, the myth, the legend he’d become—had been forged from more than just his literary accomplishments. He was supposed to have been a hard man, with thick skin and calluses on his knuckles and heart. But I already knew differently. That was not the Ernest Hemingway I was walking with in the predawn darkness. This man had neither a stainless steel persona nor heart.”

Tom Winton’s Bio:
Tom was born and raised in New York City. During his working career he has done everything from working on a railroad gang in the Colorado Rockies to driving a taxicab in Manhattan. He has also been a mailman, a salesman, an entrepreneur and more. He lives in the North Georgia mountains with his wife Blanche and their ill-tempered but loveable Jack Russell terrier, Ginger.

Amazon US – http://amzn.com/B008FBXENQ
Amazon UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008FBXENQ