Do you live in the Columbia, Missouri/Boone County area? Do you like science fiction movies, shows, and books? How about fantasy movies, shows, and books? If you answered yes, please check out the new group that is forming here.

My husband and I both love watching science fiction and fantasy movies and TV shows. We are also book lovers. He especially loves reading science fiction–Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc. We’ve been looking for a social group where people who enjoy those things can get meet up at local movie theaters to watch movies, or meet for dinner at restaurants to discuss sci-fi and fantasy, or to even meet at members’ homes and watch TV shows together. We haven’t found any here, so we’re trying to start a group.

If you are in the Columbia, Missouri area and would like to join this new group, please let us know. You can join on Facebook ( or you can contact me through this blog or through Facebook instant messaging. We have several members/potential members already. We look forward to hearing from more people.