Shadows and Secrets

In the new mystery series the Outsiders, shadows and secrets plague Reynier, France, a small village riddled with caves and troglodyte cave dwellings. In the first book, Dave Martin is a former cop from Chicago who travels to Reynier to visit his elderly grandmother. Soon after he arrives, he finds that people have lied to him and misled him. But he stays on, and tries to forgive. One day, while running errands for his grandmother, he meets a mysterious young woman who is desperate to hide a secret. Everyone tells Dave to stay out of it, but the detective in Dave can’t stop trying to figure out what’s going on.

You can find out more about the mysterious stranger in my novel, In the Shadows: An Outsiders Mystery, which is available for free Kindle download March 28 thru March 31 in celebration of the second book’s release—Where Secrets Reside: An Outsiders Mystery.