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Meet an author friend of mine, Sarah Butland. She’s talking about Blood Day which is on free Kindle promotion today thru March 30th.

What Does Your Room Look Like?

Interior design is important in a lot of novels as it shows who the resident is more than anything else the author can tell you.

A cluttered room filled with nick-nacks and trinkets may be home to a grandmother of many school aged kids giving their crafts and creations to a loved one. Not wanting to throw anything out shows she may take comfort in being surrounded by memories where maybe hers is failing.

The son of the same woman may show a room of stark contrast, throwing everything out for the lamest excuse to clear his mind and change the course of his mind.

Blood Day

Blood Day Short Story

Veronica, a child of foster care, takes pride in her home of black and white with a splash of red. With barely any furniture, only the necessary amount of clothes and a revolving selection of books, she takes pride the life she was able to make for herself.

Being able to care only for herself and take pleasure in all that she can accomplish, this character still struggles with determining not who but what she is.

A Woman of Scars

Veronica invites you into her home for free today through March 30th at http://bookShow.me/B00J5NTC5W to help her heal from her scars and find her worth and you may just leave with a gift that lasts a life time.

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