Hello Everyone!  I have been busy writing.  I wanted to take a break and share an author friend with you.  Her name is Susan Finlay.  🙂

Writing has opened up a whole new set of friends for me.  I have enjoyed getting to know so many authors.  Susan Finlay is one of those.  Her kind personality will win you over immediately, and  I am fascinated with her writing.  Because of her research and knowledge, you learn about other countries and their customs while reading her works.

I had the privilege of reading her book, In the Shadows, before it became available to the public.  Starting with page one, the characters come to life and the mystery begins.  Two of my favorite characters are the grandmothers.  (You will have to read to see why!)

For now, please welcome Susan.  She is going to tell us about herself, her talented family…

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