Ten days ago I wrote an article about editing, and talked about my experience with my editor at Grey Cells Press, an imprint of Holland House Books. He’s a professional; he’s an author, an editor, and an intellectual. He understands the theme of my book, and knows exactly where I need to add more description, where I need to say less, where I need to go deeper into a character’s head. He’s willing to discuss, and not just take over the book.

In the article I said that I hope all authors have the opportunity to work with such an editor.

Today, he told me that he’s actively seeking submissions for Grey Cells Press, and I was delighted. I hope that if you write mysteries/crime fiction, you’ll check out his website. I asked what he is looking for and he sent me this:

Grey Cells Press is all about Mystery – whodunits, police procedurals, and hardboiled. We also look for those quirky, unusual novels that stretch the genre. Our first publications are due out early 2013, but we are still keen to find more great books and talented authors.


Email: submissions@greycellspress.co.uk